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Best Cash Management

At ATM solutions, Vault Cash Program is designed to assure the supplies of today’s demanding market. As ATM owners you know, money costs money, so get success in any business you need to keep you ATM fully loaded with right amount of cash. We are there to manage for the cash flow based on our daily data reports; our teams have proven experience to maintain all this.

ATM solutions apply predictive techniques and forecasting to control cash in ATMs by using their most successful ATM software program.

We reconcile our information and system through our Cash Management system that allows us to initialize and track the flow of cash to and from the banks and armored carriers. Our turn-key system includes:

  • Providing cash sources from our partner funding banks.
  • Order cash using real-time projections based on actual ATM activity.
  • Providing cash insurance.
  • Resolving all maintenance issues.
  • Contracting with Armored Companies to vault cash in ATMs.
  • Schedule and coordinate all cash loads with both the funding bank and the armored carrier.
  • Monitor ATM activity in real time and calculate average daily outstanding balances.
  • 24 call centers for ATM locations and users.