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Buy or Lease to own our ATMs

Opt the Program that is Right for You

We provide two kinds of programs to own an ATM as an owner. Both are charming and are designed for facilitation our customers.

Purchasing an ATM/ Leasing an ATM

If you have plenty of cash, you can choose the first option of Purchasing out ATM. It’s not very expensive you can get as little as $1799.00. In another case, you can lease our ATM at the rate of $65 a month. In the second program, you will own the machine when the lease is finished.  In any case, our ATM is generating cash for you, and increasing the capital of your business.


Hallo II

Lease to Own: 69$ a Month

Hallo II is the newest version Hyosung’s Hallo series. It’s the best machine widely known as for the best uptime. In Hallo II new feature is added. In new features security is most value able and 10.1-inch full screen. Our Hallo II has been introduced with cardless cash withdrawal.  This machine provides an option of NFC (near field communication to the customers). Our Hallo II provides complete peace of mind as having best security features. It is a well renowned machine in the industry with a very affordable price.


Lease to Own: 72$ a month


  • 7-inch color display
  • Illuminated topper
  • Lit action indicators
  • Additional security features
  • 800 note cassette provided with optional upgrades
  • Duel swipe: reads cards from any angle
  • Ready for lottery

This machine has high resolution 7 inch LCD and dual card swipe feature. The user doesn’t need to keep worrying about which side of the card needs to swipe, whatever swiped side is this machine will read it. Flash security LED is added on this machine to prevent the physical attack, and a vault has been reinforced along the door edge. This machine deals with most security concerns as it also has a dummy camera in front to give the impression that everything is being recorded.


Lease to Own: 79$ a Month


  • 2-inch color display
  • Integrated topper sign
  • Infrared Touch Function Keys
  • 1,000 note cassette with optional upgrades
  • Supports Six Languages
  • Ready for lottery

This model is top of the line as entry level models. This machine has a wide 10.2-inch color display where our clients are facilitated for his advertisements. This machine has a touch screen to provide easiness to the customers. They can operate it just moving the text on the screen. Low energy LCD has been installed in it to save energy.


Lease to Own: 82$ aMonth


  • Eco-friendly printer-less options
  • Option for receipts to be emailed or sent as text message
  • Upgraded 1,000 note removable cassette for no additional charge
  • Integrated lit topper
  • 7″ or 12” TOUCH SCREEN Color Monitor
  • Ready for lottery

The Argo is the newest model manufactured in the United States. This model is famous for its sleek design and reflects a sense of adorable machine suitable for all kind of businesses. The eco-friendly printer less option is facilitated by it. You can have this machine without printer as well to save the environment. The user can email or get the text of their receipts instead of printing.  It has 1000 note removable cassette. This machine is called state of the art in a very less affordable price.


Lease to Own: 75$ a Month


  • 8” Color Monitor
  • Integrated Topper Sign
  • Pull out Cash Cassette
  • Ready for lottery

This machine is manufactured in the United States and regarded as one of the newest models. Triton is very sleek user-friendly design, and it comes up with upgraded dispenser that can hold up to 1200 notes. It does have 8 inch HD screen made for advertisement purposes as well. The main feature of this machine is to handle heavy load and high traffic.


  • Free shipping
  • Free installation
  • Free training
  • Free online monitoring
  • Free one year parts warranty
  • Free customer support
  • Free on screen and receipt advertising
  • Ready for lottery


Should I Lease or Purchase?

This is totally up to the customer to choose the option best suitable for him. For leasing machine customer should have a business where to machine is going to be installed. There is no upfront fee while leasing and the first lease payment is taken after ten days of ATM installed. You need to do the transaction to cover leasing the rental cost of the ATM; one or two transactions every day can be suitable depending on the surcharge amount.  After the end of the contract, the client owns the machine and has all the profit in his pocket.

In another case when you are purchasing all you have to pay all the money upfront and after that all profit is yours. Our leasing is as less as $59 a month, making it affordable to our clients. In both programs, you keep 100% surcharge revenue profits off of the machine. You can change the surcharge amount at any time. Moreover, you can advertise the products of your store in the machine. What option is for you, you know the best every program has its features. In both programs at the end, you are the owner of this machine.


Why Get an ATM

All the business is thinking to save the cost they are spending on debit or credit cards. Having ATM will not only save the money you spending on the credit card but also generating revenue for you. The entire surcharge amount charged is increasing business value. The ATM is also attracting customers for you. Any customer walking by your company would come to you if he needed cash.

Benefits For Your Business

Each of our ATMs gives out hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

The average user will spend a considerable portion of accessed cash in your business.

A typical ATM customer will spend 20-25% more than a non-ATM customer.

60% of Americans between 25 & 50 use the ATMs 8 times a month.

ATMs will boost retail store sales on average between 8% to 15%.

An ATM lowers the amount credit card transactions and, in turn, saves you bank fees.

ATMs provide a needed service to your customers.

ATMs save your business from having to take checks.

ATM Advantages 

Free Technical and Customer support for you ATM to our clients.

You receive 100% of the surcharge fees off of the ATM.

Free website portal to monitor your ATM from any computer.

Polite and helpful staff focused on customer service.

The best ATM values in the country.

Guaranteed to NEVER be undersold – we will beat any ATM Price!

Parts, labor, and supplies warranty for five years available to all clients.

Speedy, direct ATM shipping.

We serve all 50 States.

Prompt payments to you for your ATM surcharge fees.

On screen and receipt advertising.

Onsite ATM installation and training.

Guaranteed ATM buyback program.

One of the oldest ATM banking companies in America.

Our medium businesses ATMs dispense hundreds of thousands of dollars every year & much of this cash is spent on site.

Average user will pay a substantial portion of accessed cash in your business.

Lowers credit card transactions saving you bank fees.

Eliminates the problem of credit card chargeback.

Surcharge revenue alone should pay for your ATM is less than six months.

Saves your business from having to take checks.

With our ATM program, you receive 100% of the transaction fee with no hidden charges.

Free ATM technical support.

Free website access to check your ATMs.

Our ATMs are safe and secure.

ATMs are low cost with high returns.