Nautilus Hyosung NH 2700CE Shell Unit

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Nautilus Hyosung NH 2700CE Shell Unit

Nautilus Hyosung NH 2700CE Shell Unit


Nautilus Hyosung NH 2700CE is a heavy-duty, free-standing machine that is dependable and eases of maintenance with the convenience of high-capacity note storage. It comes loaded with a user-friendly interface, 10.1″ display screen and tactile touch function keys.

The Nautilus Hyosung 2700Shell provides new packaging for the most reliable and popular cash dispensers ever produced for the retail ATM market. CDU’s from NH1500 and later model Nautilus Hyosung retail ATMs can be installed in this versatile retail model.  ATM owners gain an up-to-date ATM platform with the latest ATM technolofy including EMV card reader, PCI 3.0 compliant keypad and WinCE 6.0 processor while protecting their investment in Nautilus Hyosung CDU’s.

Unique Design

The 2700Shell offers unsurpassed convenience with an intuitive user interface ona  10.1″ color LCD screen with touch function key interface.  The new ATM provides a highly attractive platform for an existing ATM location or in a new deployment wiht higher earning potential.

Maximum Reliability

The 2700Shell incorporates proven cash dispensing technology widely regarded as the best and longest lasting in the industry.  Modular components allow ease of maintenance and simplified service to ensure maximum availability and uptime with minimal support and intervention.


The 2700Shell provides a secure UL291 certified business hours safe, e-lock and EMV reader, the same as in the proven NH2700 ATM platform.  Advanced security features include open door sensors, optional anti-skimming, and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocol which further protects your system from unauthorized access.

Cost=Saving Performance

The 2700Shell application provides the same highly intuitive operator menu program featured on all of Nautilus Hyosung current retail ATM’s.  The new 2700Shell supports advanced features of Moniview RMS, including remote auto update of application software and EMV jouirnal upload over affordable internet or wireless modern connections.


Additional Features

  • Flicker
  • LED Topper (optional)
  • 15″ LCD video topper (optional)
  • Audio jack
  • EPP Illumination
  • Speaker
  • Braille Keypad
  • Digital receipt
  • Electronic journal
  • Supports six languages: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
  • Enhanced Standard 1(Hyosung Standard)
  • DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)
Nautilus Hyosung NH 2700CE ATM